Why Do I Love Being a Photographer?

Every photographer is different. We have unique goals, reasons we love photography, and ways we approach our craft. The truth is, being a photographer is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. This is all about why I love being a photographer! It really is the best job in the world.


When did I realize I had a passion for photography?

•   My mom made photography a priority growing up.

She showed me how valuable photography is. My mom took a camera with her everywhere we went and captured so many memories of my family’s life. There are so many photos documenting my childhood, and I love every one of them. When I was a teenager life got really busy and my mom had less time to take pictures. I wanted to continue to document my adventures.

•   After getting my first camera for Christmas, I was hooked.

I became the friend that was known for always having a camera bag over her shoulder. Every exciting thing I was doing, I was determined to remember by taking the pictures. As I got older, my love for photography grew as I used creativity to express my personality through my photos. The friends around me at school saw my passion. They became my first models as I practiced.

•   I love the special bond photography helps me create with people.

Seeing that I could also help others’ personality shine through in photographs was inspiring. I loved to see how everyone photographed differently. Each person was truly beautiful in their own way. I knew I was passionate about photography.

What about my job brings me joy?

•   Being an artist.

Photographers are artists! Art is about expressing creativity, showing beauty, and capturing emotion. This is exactly what I strive to do as a photographer! People are the most beautiful subjects. But more than that, they are the most worth while subjects. There is some sort of magic in being able to capture a moment in time that can be revisited as often as you’d like.

•   Providing people with visual memories that last forever.

It makes me so happy knowing that the images I provide my clients will be cherished by so many people. Memory can be fleeting, but photographs help moments live on. Whether it’s a mother’s maternity session or a couple’s engagement, photographing them makes them unforgettable! It’s such a great feeling knowing that while I’m in a session, I’m capturing an important memory or subject for someone they otherwise wouldn’t have.

•   Editing and sending the photographs to my client.

The creative job of a photographer is only halfway done after we’ve taken the pictures. Editing is my opportunity to bring out the natural beauty in a photograph. I really enjoy post-processing and letting my style come through in my edits. I get butterflies sending my clients their images. This is the best part of my job. Knowing I’ve completed the project and picturing the excitement of my clients when they receive their photos.

What’s hard about being a photographer?

•   Editing and sending the photographs to my client.

Yes! This is the same point I just made under “what about my job brings me joy.” But while post-processing is something I look forward to after every session, it’s hard work! I’m always studying and practicing the craft of editing. I want my clients to have images that really shine, and anything worth having takes some good hard work. It takes a lot of time and patience, which is hard to have when you’re excited about showing the client their pictures!

•   Wanting perfection

A lesson I had to learn early, is that in getting caught up in perfection, you can miss what’s genuine and real. This is something I’m continually growing in as a photographer. Some of my favorite pictures are those that are candid, not posed, and imperfect. I always want to send my clients the “perfect” pictures. Reminding myself that perfection is not the goal, but real and beautiful is, always gives me images that are better than I could have hoped for.

•   Hoping the client is more than just satisfied.

Because people are so unique, every clients needs and wants are unique. It is important to me that I never put my subjects into a “client box” and take the time to get to know them as people. I don’t want my clients to just be satisfied. They should be blown away and in love with their photos! I really care about the people I photograph. That’s why feedback is so appreciated. My goal is to provide my clients with an experience and a service that leaves them filled with happiness.

Being a photographer lets me take my passion and use it to do important work: capturing memories. To me, it’s one of the most rewarding jobs I could ever have. I feel blessed when someone chooses me to be their photographer. ♥

~ Jen



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