Wedding Planning Tips for Brides | Tip #1 Wedding Day Timeline

This wedding planning tips for brides series is for you brides that are excited about your photographer and want to know more about how you can plan your wedding day to get the best photos possible. In this very first post in my wedding planning tips for brides series, I’m excited to kick it off with my top, best of the best, front running piece of advice for a bride planning her wedding with photography in mind. This is by far THE BEST tip I can offer. It’s the single, most impactful thing YOU can do to make sure you get amazing wedding day photos. That’s why I decided to write about this piece of advice first!
Wedding planning tips for brides

Wedding Day Planning Tips For Brides Tip #1 ~ A Spacious Wedding Day Timeline

Your wedding day timeline not only plays a role in how smoothly the events of the day go, it also makes an huge impact on your wedding photos and the gallery of images you’ll receive. You’re probably dreaming about the beautiful, romantic photos of you and Hubby-to-Be, wrapped up in each other’s arms and radiating love that shines through each image. But so many things are going on during your wedding day, that it can be difficult to truly feel relaxed during these precious moments you have together.
By dedicating a 30-60 minute block of time for a couple’s portrait session on your wedding day, you give YOURSELF the time to truly embrace each other and. just. pause. Too often, couple’s portraits are slipped into the timeline after one event and leaves the couple and their photographer feeling rushed to get to the next event. But in adding a block of time for your portrait session and adding a 15-20 minute buffer around your other wedding day events, the day is less of a crazy production and more about enjoying the day and creating beautiful memories. All which get to be captured through relaxed, joyful, romantic pictures.

Here are ways to enhance your wedding day timeline to include a spacious, relaxed feel!

  • Add a 15-20 minute buffer around each scheduled event. (Such as hair & makeup, ceremony time, etc.)
  • Schedule a 30-60 minute block of time JUST for your couples portrait session, separate from wedding party photos and family formals.
  • Minimize distractions by doing all preparations before the wedding day, and avoiding having tasks be completed on the day of the wedding.
  • Consider having posed picture sessions (such as wedding party photos or bridal portraits) take place BEFORE the ceremony in your timeline.
  • Include a cocktail/hors d’oeuvres hour after the ceremony for guests while family formals are being taken.
  • Bonus tip: Skip the receiving line! Consider simply visiting with your guests during the reception. Your guests will be more comfortable at your reception venue instead of standing in line after the ceremony, and it will free up a lot of time for couples portrait sessions scheduled between the ceremony and reception.
Take some time to look at your wedding day timeline and see how much time you’ve planned as just “space” for you to enjoy the day. Wedding day timelines are so great in helping everything go smoothly, but there’s no need for it to be so tight that it will be necessary for everyone to be right on the minute to make sure everything goes as planned. Things can happen that you might not expect, and having extra unallotted time in the schedule can be a lifesaver! This is a special day for you, your Hubby-to-Be, your family, and your guests to enjoy. A lack of time is the number one thing that creates stress, so go ahead and take as much as you want! It’s your day! I hope you found this first tip in my wedding planning tips for brides series helpful and gave you some things to consider as you’re planning your special day!
wedding planning tips for brides


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