Wedding Planning Tips for Brides | Tip #3 Family Formals

Family formals are an important part of the wedding day. It’s the time where the people who are the most important to you and your new hubby get to document being together on such a special day. The portion of the day where everyone gets together to take the important family formals pictures can often cause stress for everyone and the photographer. With so many people posing for so many different combinations of photos, your families can become disorganized and confused. The great thing is though, it doesn’t have to be that way! Coordination is the key to a smooth process. Here is one simple tip that can help keep the formal family portraits running quickly and smoothly.
wedding planning tips for brides family formals

Wedding Tip #3 ~ Assign a Family Formals Coordinator

Whether you’ve decided to have your family formals taken right after getting married or before the ceremony, having a “Family Formals Coordinator” will make a huge difference in how smoothly and quickly the photos go. The Family Formals Coordinator can be anyone who is close with the bride and groom and knows the members of their families, by name if possible. Great people to consider are a sibling of the bride or groom, a close family member, or the maid of honor. This person can then work along side your wedding photographer and help gather the people who need to be in the next photo on your family formals shot list.

So why have a Family Formals Coordinator?

I always have my brides put together a family formal list in their Pre-Wedding Worksheet that we go over together a week or two before the wedding day. But while you know who you’re referring to when you write “Bride and her Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins”, as the photographer, we simply don’t know the names of these people. By having someone assigned as the Family Formals Coordinator, they can be a huge help to your photographer by calling the appropriate individuals by name as your photographer is going down the list of family formal portraits.

To have things go even smoother, you can provide your Family Formals Coordinator with the list of family formals that you’ve given your photographer before the wedding day. That way, the coordinator knows exactly who is going to be in the pictures and can help gather everyone together in one place. This helps to keep from having to run around looking for key individuals when it’s their turn for pictures!

If you haven’t considered or assigned someone as your family formal coordinator, I highly recommend it! That way these important pictures can go smoothly, quickly, and leaving everyone happy to continue enjoying the day!
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  1. Veronica

    August 30th, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Great tip! We always recommend having a ‘family formals coordinator’ who knows who these people are and what they look like! It sure does help family formals run smoother and faster!

  2. Jen Orth

    August 30th, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Thanks! It definitely helps, since we can’t know the first names of every person. 🙂


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