Wedding Planning Tips for Brides | Tip #5 Communication

Guess what! This is the final piece of advice in my Wedding Planning Tips for Brides series on the blog. In today’s closing tip, I’m wrapping it up by explaining the benefits and importance of communication. The good news is, your wedding photographer genuinely wants to get great photos for you on your wedding day. A great photographer will let you know that they care about you, your special day, and will do everything they can to get great images that you will love. That’s why communication with your wedding photographer is not only beneficial, but important.

Wedding Planning Tip #5 ~ Communicate with Your Photographer

By communicating with your wedding photographer, you’re facilitating the relationship you started when you hired them and making it even easier for them to serve you. As a wedding photographer, I love my brides and I want them to know that I love what I do, and I’m going to get great pictures on their wedding day. A huge part of making sure that happens is by preparing for the wedding before it comes. Even more than just getting the camera gear together and knowing where to be, capturing great moments takes a little preparation, too. But communicating with my brides, I get to know more of what is special to them and what they are truly looking forward to on their wedding day. By knowing what’s important to each of my brides specifically, I can better give them an amazing experience when they first see their wedding photos.

How can you better communicate with your wedding photographer?

Here are some ways I’ve compiled that you can better communicate with your photographer. That way you can both know that you’re both on the same page, which in turn, helps your photographer get the amazing wedding photos you’re looking forward to.

  • Respond to emails
  • Answer questionnaires you might be given
  • Update your photographer on any wedding day changes
  • Say what you are looking forward to
  • Tell them what you’re nervous about
  • Feel free to ask questions
  • Let them know after you’ve received your wedding photos

It’s All About Communication!

A great photographer loves what they do! So feel free to be open with your communication with your wedding photographer. I can guarantee you, they will be thankful for it. Also, I want to encourage you. Even if you don’t have everything all together and you’re stressing out about all this wedding planning, know that if you’ve chosen a great photographer, you don’t have to be worried! After all the planning is done and the wedding is over, you’ll be married and you’ll have great photos to look back on and remember this special time in your life. ♥ Congratulations on finishing the Wedding Planning Tips for Brides series! I hope you’ve found some value in these blog posts and can move forward with confidence when it comes to getting great photos on your wedding day!
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