Wedding Planning Tips for Brides | Tip #4 Should I Have a First Look on My Wedding Day?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I have a first look on my wedding day?” then you know there are some things to consider and I’m excited to share my thoughts from the point of view of a wedding photographer! Today I’m sharing things to think about when considering a first looks as a part of your wedding day in this next blog post in my Wedding Planning Tips for Brides series! If you aren’t familiar with what a First Look is, let me give you a quick summary. Simply put, a First Look is a moment that the bride and groom share together, to see each other for the first time on their wedding day before the ceremony. It’s usually a private moment that starts with the groom’s back turned, the bride walking up behind him, him turning to see her in her wedding dress, followed by his reaction and embracing each other. It’s a trend growing in popularity, and one I’ve been a part of multiple times. That’s why I found it fitting to add to this series. So what is my wedding tip when it comes to considering a First Look?
should I have a first look on my wedding day wedding planning tips for brides

Wedding Planning Tip #4 ~ Have a First Look If You Want to Add Romance

Romance is all about connection. That’s one thing a First Look let’s you embrace fully. I’m not saying that choosing the traditional route of having the “first look” be when you walk down the aisle isn’t romantic, because it is! However, from what I’ve experienced with my couples, having a First Look in the wedding day timeline gives the couple more time together on their wedding day, and in turn, adds another element of romance.

But what about the MOMENT?

You know what moment I’m talking about! The one where the groom sees you walking down the aisle. The one where he sees you coming towards him and he’s overcome with emotion. I find, that it’s the one thing that makes brides hesitate when considering a first look. But here’s something I’ve personally seen and experienced.

Men “tend” to show emotion less outwardly than women do. They feel it inside and when they feel it deeply, they express it through action in private with the person they love most. When a groom sees his bride walking down the aisle, even though he will quite powerful emotions, the effect of being surrounded by a lot of people can often have grooms keep a formal posture and show the emotion on their face. The emotion is beautiful, and I’ve taken some great pictures capturing that emotion. But something is added when you have a First Look. Not only is the reaction on his face so sweet, but without the pressure of formality, he is free to express himself. More than just huge smiles or happy tears, he will feel more comfortable expressing his emotions with his hands, words, or just pull you in for a romantic kiss. So for brides worried about losing the special “moment”, I’ve seen in the First Looks I’ve done with my couples, that not only do you get a similar moment, but you get more moments, and you get to connect with each other in those moments.

So Should I Have a First Look on My Wedding Day?

First Looks can be personalized any way you’d like. The most popular is to have it be a private moment in a beautiful location before the ceremony. You could also consider having the first look happen exactly where you’re going to get married. Why not have him see you for the first time, walking down the aisle, without anyone else there? Or maybe you’d like to have a first look, but have your closest family members be present to witness and be a part of the moment. First Looks are about you and your Hubby-to-Be and what fits your style as a couple. If tradition is an important aspect of the wedding to you both, then a first look might not be what’s perfect for you. Whichever way you decide to see each other for the first time on your wedding day, it will be a beautiful, special moment that you will cherish in your memory forever.
should I have a first look on my wedding day wedding planning tips for brides


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