I’m so excited to share these highlights from Katherine and Mike’s Riverside Park Lynchburg Engagement Session! After a long stretch of cloudy days, the Sunday we took photos was beautiful, sunny, and in the 70s! It’s hard to believe we got so lucky in the middle of February, just two days before Valentine’s Day. This engagement photo shoot with Katherine and Mike officially starts off this year’s engagement sessions. I was so excited to photograph these two. Ever since I met them during their consultation, I could tell we were the perfect fit.

Katherine really deserves HUGE props for this day. Not only did she do a wonderful job choosing a sweet and romantic outfit pairing for the session, but she also overcame another hurdle. She’s been healing from a foot injury and actually walked around in a cast between pictures! I was honestly amazed at her determination to not let it keep them from changing locations and having a great time. Riverside Park was a great location for us to use. Even though a lot of the trees were still leafless, the park still has some evergreen trees that added some color to their images. With the addition of pretty walking trails, it was nice to explore the park together.

Katherine and Mike are such a fun couple. They pick on each other and tease, but made goofy faces together and laughed during the entire session. They truly are smitten and play around like teenagers! It was so endearing; especially the way Mike looks at Katherine and the loving kisses he gives her. They were both so natural and fun, I just know that their wedding day in just a couple months is going to be very special.

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