How to Provide Genuine Expressions



You sit down at the table across from your photographer.  You’ve never met each other before.

It’s all professionalism as the conversation revolves around the engagement pictures you’re about to take together and the details of the photo shoot. You and your fiance are signing papers as a quiet lull hangs in the air between you and the photographer.

“How did you two meet?”

“When did you get engaged?”

“How did he propose?”

You smile politely and answer the questions, retelling the sweet moments you and your fiance have had together.

Suddenly, your photographer asks, “What’s one thing you two have done that has made your relationship stronger?”

What? You’re a little surprised, look at your fiance, and laugh awkwardly.

Why is she asking you that? Isn’t that a little personal? Why does she even want to know that? I thought we were just taking pictures!

How to Get Genuine Pictures by Going From Average to Authentic

You might be surprised to know, that as a photographer, this is where my photography begins. When the dry formality is evaporated and we become genuine with each other.

Taking photographs for my clients isn’t just about smiles, poses, and lighting. When someone takes your picture, you are letting them capture a moment in time. A moment that highlights YOU. Not just your face and outfit. A photograph should show who you are and the relationship you have with the people around you, and how you view yourself.

Choosing a photographer is really choosing someone you can trust to do that. Genuine emotion, confidence, and authenticity are important when you want to capture meaningful images.

So how do you do this? How can you know that the photographs you receive are going to show the real you?


Understand that your photographer cares about you.

Most, if not all, photographers have chosen to be photographers because of a passion. We truly see the eternal value of our images. We want you to be able to look at them for years to come and cherish them. It’s such a special feeling as a photographer. Photographers are not just in the business of art and creativity. We are in the business of people. My passion is my subjects and my craft. As a photographer, I hope all my clients know from the moment they meet me, that I care about them and want them to experience happiness while working with me.

Great photos start with a great relationship.

Smiles are no good when they are fake! Everyone knows that the best smiles happen when you are around people you have a good relationship with and who make you feel comfortable. I truly want to have a great relationship with you, so you can feel free to let your guard down. This is how your personality shines through in your photos! There’s a gap between you and your photographer before you’ve worked together that I want to close. By building a great relationship with my clients, I know I can do better at providing them with images they will love and adore.

Photography is trust.

The more you open up with me, the more I get to see the real you. This can be difficult for some, especially if you’ve only just gotten to meet each other for the first time. But hopefully the previous points help to show how I want to make it easier for you. I know that you’ve put a lot of trust in me when you chose me as your photographer. But by letting your guard down and sharing your true self, you can guarantee that your pictures are going to be what you’ve always hoped for.

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