The young Turner family was so excited to have some professional portraits taken of their daughter Emmalyn! Mommy and I chose downtown Lynchburg for the photo shoot. I was so excited. Kids are honestly just the best. I LOVE it when I get the opportunity to photograph them! Children grow up so fast so being able to take a snapshot into their ever changing lives is really special.

Emmalyn couldn’t have been more adorable with her beautiful golden hair. Her curls were light and bouncy as we walked around downtown. What really made her photos beautiful were her striking, pretty blue eyes. I love how children are so genuine in their photos. With kids, I try not to give too much direction during the session. Rather, I enjoy simply following them and letting them take the lead with what we’re going to do. It helps keep the atmosphere calm, happy, and enjoyable. In fact, Mommy was so worried that this session wasn’t going to go well because of Emmalyn’s “not-so-happy” attitude at home. But by keeping it fun, she did a wonderful job and the photo shoot went smoothly.
Mommy and I enjoyed taking Emmalyn around one of the walkway bridges and showing her the flowers. It was such a simple activity, but it really helped to make her pictures turn out so pretty. The purples and yellows added some lovely interest.

At the end of the day, I try to remember, kids just want to have fun! Emmalyn was so sweet the whole time, running through the grass, touching flowers, and following Mommy’s posing direction. I couldn’t have imagined this children’s session going any better! The location turned out to be perfect, and of course, I had to take a quick family photo at the end. ♥