Anj & Josh | Jefferson Vineyards Engagement Session

I’m so excited to share some highlights from my recent Jefferson Vineyards engagement session with Anj and Josh! These two are so sweet together, and it was a joy to see them have so much fun just being together doing something they love. Wine is something Anj and Josh both enjoy together. It’s even a theme in their wedding which will be coming up in October. While Anj and I worked on planning their engagement session, we agreed that shooting their engagement photos at Jefferson Vineyards would be perfect!

Engagement sessions are really such a great way for me to get to know my couple. After learning about how much Josh and Anj love spending time together, it was clear to me that having their engagement session start off with a “date night” feel would be the perfect way to break into taking pictures. After enjoying a wine tasting and purchasing their own bottle of Chardonnay (all while getting some sweet pictures together), we moved outside to the vineyard’s gorgeous grounds. The landscaping is so clean and gorgeous that every angle laid out a beautiful backdrop.

I’ll always think it’s so funny how in Virginia, the weather and sky can change so quickly from minute to minute. From bright blue, sunny skies to rolling clouds, the sky seemed to be changing with every new location. It definitely added variety to their photos, which I loved! I really couldn’t have imagined their engagement session going any better. They are SO clearly in love. It warms my heart to see them kiss as if I’m not even there. I just know Anj and Josh’s wedding is going to be so romantic, sweet, and fun! Here are just a few of the images that were taken at their Jefferson Vineyards engagement session.

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~ Andriana & Josh’s Wedding Day ~

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