Husband and wife, parents to our two amazing kids, and we love photographing love stories together

We're Jen and Jake

Jake is a fun-loving extrovert who makes everyone around us feel comfortable. He helps me with all the heavy lifting and has even been known to climb a tree or two to help me get that "perfect shot" for my couples. Even though we've watched The Office through twice, he's always up for watching again. Jake is the go-to man at home, and is a super dad!

Outdoorsy • Pizza Lover


I'm a hopeless romantic, so my job as a wedding photographer is a dream come true! It's made even better by the fact that I get to work with my sweet husband Jake. I daydream about the future, take on creative projects at home, and enjoy spending time together as a family. Sometimes I can be found drawing in my sketchbook or journaling, too!

Artist • Homebody


Things I Love


I believe in true love. This is one of my favorite Bible verses! "I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine." ~ Song of Solomon 8:3. I just love how this romantic verse shows the connection you have in marriage.


I love photographing beautiful details on wedding days. Whether it's the bride's personal details or the gorgeous decor at the reception, I just have so much fun taking pictures of pretty things! 


I love mountains. The beauty of the world and nature inspires my creativity! If I see a mountain range, a pretty fence, a winding path... I get so many ideas for pictures that remind me of something out of a romantic movie!

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